Wellbeing Programs

Wellbeing Programs
Extra-Curricular Activities

When we talk about the term ‘wellbeing’, we are referring to a students’ physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. Our aim at St Mary’s to develop the whole child.

We are aware of how important it is for students to feel ‘connected’ to school and to be involved in school life. Each child needs to feel that they are a valued and respected part of the St Mary’s Community. We have a number of programs and supports in place to achieve this;

  • School Wide Positive Behaviour Support
  • Awards presented at Weekly Assembly and students names listed in newsletter
  • Daily nominations of students displaying positive behaviour in the playground
  • School & Class Captains, SRC and Mini Vinnies
  • Discipline & Bullying Policy
  • Protective Behaviours Program
  • Buddy Station
  • School Counsellor employed one day a week
  • Social Justice activities
  • Involvement in Bullying: No Way annual day of action
  • Buddy Program
  • Circle Time
  • Student Wellbeing update in weekly newsletter
  • Seasons Program (For Grief & Loss)