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St Mary's Primary School provides an Arts Program for all children encompassing Visual Art and Performing Arts as outlined in Victorian Curriculum under the Learning Areas of Drama and Visual Arts. St Mary’s is dedicated to the development of Performing Arts skills as fundamental to the education of the whole child by providing ongoing experiences and opportunities to develop creativity and self-expression.

Students from F-2 are involved in a weekly one hour Performance Arts lesson with a specialist teacher for two terms. The focus on these lessons is on the development of Music, Dance and Drama skills. (combined with the added focus of Social EmotionalLearning skills.) 

Visual Arts lessons make up the other two terms, in which students participate in skill development in various mediums. Students in grades 3-6 participate in weekly Visual Art lessons for two terms. In addition to this, grade 4 and 6 are involved in the preparation of a grade production or art exhibition on a biannual basis. The production i
s rehearsed by attending Performing Arts sessions 2 hours a week for 10 weeks, rehearsing for a production involving dance, drama and musical elements, which is presented to the school and parents. The art exhibition is prepared for during regular art sessions and also presented to school and parents.