Sacramental Program

Education in Faith
Sacramental Program
Catholic Identity
At St Mary's the Sacramental Program is organised in partnership with the parish. Some elements of the program are organised at a school level and others at parish level.

Year 3 – First Reconciliation 
Year 4 – First Holy Communion 
Year 6 – Confirmation

The children are prepared for the various sacraments as part of their Religious Education classes however receiving a Sacrament for the first time is part of a journey for each child and family. The program includes:
  • Registration Night (all parish families with children receiving the sacrament)
  • Family Sacrament Night (at each school for the families of that school)
  • Adult Faith Night (all parish families with children receiving the sacrament)
  • Three weekend masses
    Celebration of the Sacrament.