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Some of the aspects relating to Digital Technologies at St Mary's are outlined below:
  • Purchase and roll out of 50 student Surface Pro 4s. Thirty of these Surface Pro 4 devices are used in the Digital Technology lessons run in the Digital Learning Centre (DLC) and the other Surface Pro devices are distributed through the Year 5 and 6 classes.
  • Our Mac server manages the school iPads and selected software is pushed out to the student iPads.
  • The iPads are distributed and used across all year levels in the school.
  • Rollout of the smartphone school App - 'Skoolbag'. Our mobile application which helps alert parents and the community about our increasing services : newsletters, alerts, uniform order forms, absence notification and more. 
  • In 2017 we completed the roll over of GAFE (Google Apps for Education) allowing teachers greater access to students online work. 
In lessons conducted in the DLC from Foundation to Year 6 we are utilising a range of cyber safety resources to reinforce the online safety message. A range of resources have been used sequentially from F-6 to ensure engaged learning takes place around the area of responsible cyber citizenship.

All students have individual user names, passwords and emails. This allows access to the school network as well as the internet. Attached to their Google Drive is individual folders that allows for the collation of their digital resources. These folders are shared with all classroom teachers, allowing teachers to have full access to students online work at all times. 

Login details and activity of the students are tracked by the school administrator ensuring a high level of security is maintained.

In 2017 we have begun to utilise the nRoll feature from the nForma suite which allows classroom teachers to record the attendance roll electronically. This attendance data is sent to the office daily and collated automatically for inclusion in the June and December reports. This program also allows for the collation of CEM required data in a very simple manner. There is an App on staff iPads to help make this process even simpler.

Online Parent/Teacher interview booking continued through the use of our online provision.
The wifi capability of the school has been expanded in the last 12 months.

Future directions include:

Critical evaluation of educational applications by teaching staff continues, ensuring quality software purchases for student learning and engagement.