Design Principles

Design principles capture what you believe in. You want your school to be a manifestation of those principles – for them to be visible in both the way that the school is organised and the way students (and staff) learn.

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St Mary’s Design Principles

  1. We are committed to further developing a faith community in an environment that values and promotes ‘Peace and Knowledge’ for all, empowering teachers and students to reach their full potential.

  2. We are committed to building capacity of all teachers and teams, through ongoing professional learning whilst ensuring a collaborative culture of mutual support, shared leadership and collegial dialogue.

  3. We are committed to shared ownership of teaching and learning where targeted and explicit teaching, based on purposeful assessment fosters lifelong learning.

  4. We are committed to planning a curriculum that promotes high expectations by providing authentic opportunities for every student to experience success and be self-regulated learners.

  5. We are committed to using emerging and current resources (including technologies) to create authentic links to the local and global community and to enhance learning, teaching and assessment.

  6. We are committed to providing an environment that supports the wellbeing of our community by being inclusive, equitable and enabling a sense of connectedness to self and others.